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Elevate your indoor air quality with Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning, offering comprehensive residential and commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning services. Let us get your ducts in a raw!!

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Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning excels in air-duct cleaning services across Minneapolis, MN and other regions, boasting a proficient team and extensive expertise

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Duct Cleaning Minneapolis

Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning stands as a leading duct cleaning company, offering top-notch, customer-centric air duct cleaning services promptly. With us, at Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning, you can trust in a job done right on the first attempt.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning revitalize your home's air quality by eliminating dust, debris, mold, and other impurities from the air duct, known culprits of numerous respiratory issues.


Air Duct Sanitizing

Through our air duct sanitization service, we elevate cleaning to the next level, ensuring complete debris removal and thorough air duct disinfection.


Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweep service is vital for safety: removes creosote, prevents fires, maintains airflow. Regular service ensures efficient, clean chimneys, reducing risks and enhancing indoor air quality.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning Prevents hazards, boosts appliance efficiency, reduces energy use. Regular service ensures safety, minimizes risks, and maintains optimal performance.

Air duct cleaning services

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

We boast a team of skilled professionals and top-tier equipment, ensuring impeccable results. Our pricing remains competitive within the market, delivering exceptional value for our services.

Same Day Services

If your ducts are obstructed and facing potential harm, our prompt response addresses emergencies with same-day service, safeguarding your system from further damage.

Flexible Schedule

We're aware of your busy schedule, so we offer clients the choice to select a suitable time that accommodates their agenda, providing flexibility and personalized convenience.

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Making Your Home Safe

At Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning, we prioritize your home’s safety and allergen-free environment. Employing advanced techniques, latest tech, and top-notch equipment, we ensure thorough and safe air duct cleaning, eliminating allergens and bacteria. Reach out to us for a cleaner home.

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Our foremost objective is to deliver effective, swift, and professional services across various options. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to achieving complete customer satisfaction and outstanding, lasting outcomes. Our reputation is built on timely, customer-oriented, high-quality services. We grasp the importance of top-tier service when needed and place trust in our skilled technicians to deliver excellence.


We use Nikro equipment which makes the process dustless. Moreover, Nikro certificate by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards , allowing us to be sure that your system is spotless once the job is done.



The NIKRO SL4000 is a powerful and highly portable vacuum system designed for residential and commercial air duct cleaning. Its slim, three-piece design allows easy maneuverability through narrow spaces.
The NorthStar® Air Compressor

The NorthStar® Air Compressor

Introducing the NorthStar® 8-Gallon Twin Tank gas-powered portable air compressor – a steadfast and dependable choice meticulously crafted for robust performance on demanding jobsites.

Anti-Bacterial Fogger

Anti-Bacterial Fogger:

An anti-bacterial fogger is crucial for air duct cleaning as it disperses a fine mist of disinfectant solution, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold.
Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera:

It consists of a small camera mounted on a flexible cable, allowing technicians to navigate through the duct system and capture visual images of the interior.
We are more than happy to provide you with a free,
no-obligation air duct Inspection and same day service if needed.
What Our Clients Says
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Yarelyz Andino
Yarelyz Andino
Thank you guys! I am happy that I chose you to do my duct cleaning. Such an amazing job!!! ♥️. N it wasn’t too expensive either!
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards
I’m so glad I got my Air duct cleaning with you guys . Jonny the tech explained everything before he started . I definitely recommend ultimate air duct cleaning and definitely dryer vent cleaning with you guys when I need too.
Moshe Rapoport
Moshe Rapoport
I never realized how much dust was collecting in our ducts!! It is incredible how well these guys completely cleaned out and removed years and years of dust build-up - in just two hours! These are the guys you want. They are professional and efficient! They brought in some serious high end equipment, they got busy and got the job done very well. Plus they left the house perfectly clean. See the before and after pictures. The house smells fresh and clean, and is 100% dust free! You can actually feel the difference!! I highly recommend these guys!
Jacquelyn Radovich
Jacquelyn Radovich
Very nice job!!!!
Deanna Bajanen
Deanna Bajanen
I was so happy to use this service. The owner was very professional and charming; he explained everything in detail. I can already tell the difference in the air quality in my home. Thank you Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning! :))
Joshua Leon
Joshua Leon
Very happy with quality of service. The technician was extremely professional and informative throughout the process. Recommending to all my friends and family!
Cheryl Fliess
Cheryl Fliess
Very pleasant. Did a good job. I'm glad I called to get it done.
Jerry Schampers
Jerry Schampers
very pleasant :did a great job
Ivette Islas-Torres
Ivette Islas-Torres
I recently had my air ducts serviced by Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI and was very impressed with their service. From start to finish, Johnny was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He arrived on time and explained the process clearly. They took the time to inspect my air ducts and explained the condition they were in. They were very thorough in their work and made sure to clean every nook and cranny of my ductwork. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning. Johnny was very professional, thorough, and made sure to leave my home cleaner than when they arrived. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of air duct cleaning services in Milwaukee, WI.


Why dryer vent cleaning is important?

Maintaining a clean dryer vent holds significant importance for various reasons, with safety being a prime concern. The National Fire Protection Association reports around 3,000 dryer fires annually.

air duct cleaning in Minnesota is necessary?

While not obligatory, duct cleaning holds importance. Per NADCA, residential air handling units should be inspected biennially, requiring cleaning if contamination signs arise. Ultimately, cleaning is imperative upon detecting any system contamination.