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Air duct cleaning is a vital service for homeowners, contributing to indoor air quality, health, and system efficiency. In addition air duct cleaning means having all your duct system, including the supply and return vents cleaned using professional equipment. Moreover duct cleaning also include cleaning the registers, grills, fans, the AC unit and the furnace.

Ultimately, air ducts require periodic cleaning, much like other areas of your residence. This maintenance is vital for upholding a wholesome indoor environment.

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Air duct cleaning is necessary to remove dust, allergens, and pollutants that accumulate over time. This ensures healthy indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies. Moreover, clean air ducts optimize HVAC system performance, enhancing energy efficiency and prolonging the system’s lifespan. By eliminating potential blockages and improving airflow, air duct cleaning also prevents overheating and breakdowns. Overall, this essential maintenance promotes a comfortable, safe, and conducive living environment, benefiting both occupants’ well-being and the longevity of the HVAC system.

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Consider air duct cleaning when you observe dust buildup, reduced airflow, musty odors, or experience allergies. Moving into a new home or after renovations also warrants cleaning to ensure optimal indoor air quality. According to NADCA , it’s advised to have air duct cleaning done every 3 to 5 years.

Air Duct Cleaning by us

step 1:(inspection)

To start the technician will inspect the Air duct system by checking all the access points to the duct work and assessing its condition by looking inside with inspection camera.

Before starting the cleaning process turn the furnace on and off to make sure there is no mechanical issues. Once it is determined that everything is operating properly.

step 2:(Cleaning process)

Make sure the furnace is off then remove the filter, wrapped in plastic, and reinstalled to detach the supply and return sides of the system. In addition, if there is not any access point create one by cutting a hole into truck line of the supply and the return by furnace.  Then attach a negative air machine(HEPA-filter vacuum) to the access points. Once the system is under negative pressure at this point will go to each register and seal them with plastic sheets or foam blocks in order to increase the air velocity. Correspondingly we will clean each branch utilizing duct brushes and compressed air cleaning tools in order to loosen debris towards our negative air machine. Then once duct system has been cleaned we can proceed to clean the A-coils and blower if needed

step 3:(Inspection)

Ultimately once the cleaning is done the technician will inspect the ductwork and the system again to make sure nothing is missing and the ducts are thoroughly cleaned, inspection starts by turning on the furnace making sure it works properly and checking with a camera to make sure everything is deeply cleaned.

Additionally there are two services that we highly recommend all of our customers to obtain once deep cleaning has been accomplished.

To conclude we highly recommend all of our customers to obtain once deep cleaning has been accomplished.

Firstly is Duct Sanitizing and secondly is UV Light system installation.

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Air duct cleaning offers several benefits that contribute to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment:

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Over time, dust, allergens, and pollutants accumulate in air ducts. Cleaning removes these contaminants, ensuring the air circulating through your home is cleaner and healthier to breathe.

  2. Reduced Allergens and Irritants: Dust, pollen, and pet dander can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Cleaning your air ducts minimizes the presence of these allergens, providing relief to those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

  3. Enhanced HVAC Efficiency: A buildup of debris within air ducts can obstruct airflow, making your HVAC system work harder to maintain desired temperatures. Clean ducts allow for better airflow, which helps your system operate more efficiently and consume less energy.

  4. Extended HVAC Lifespan: Improved airflow resulting from clean ducts reduces strain on your HVAC system, potentially extending its lifespan and delaying the need for costly repairs or replacements.

  5. Odor Removal: Lingering smells from cooking, pets, or other sources can become trapped in your ducts. By undergoing cleaning, you bid farewell to these odors, granting your home a revitalizing and fresher fragrance.

  6. Home Cleanliness: Clean air ducts mean less dust circulating throughout your home. This can lead to less frequent cleaning and dusting, helping you maintain a cleaner living space.

  7. Healthier Environment: Air duct cleaning contributes to a healthier environment for you and your family. Breathing cleaner air can reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses and improve overall well-being.

  8. Fire Hazard Prevention: Dryer vents can accumulate lint, which is highly flammable. Regular cleaning reduces this fire hazard, enhancing safety in your home.

  9. Energy Savings: When your HVAC system runs efficiently due to clean ducts, it uses less energy to maintain the desired temperature. This translates to potential savings on your energy bills.

  10. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your air ducts are clean and your indoor air quality is optimized provides peace of mind, particularly for those with sensitivities to allergens or concerns about the cleanliness of their home environment.

Incorporating air duct cleaning into your regular maintenance routine can help you enjoy these benefits and create a healthier, more comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.

Our equipment :

Our equipment stands as a testament to quality in air duct cleaning. With precision-engineered tools and high-capacity vacuums, we swiftly remove contaminants, allergens, and debris. This cutting-edge approach not only elevates indoor air quality but also maximizes HVAC system performance, reflecting our commitment to delivering a healthier and more comfortable living environment for our clients.

Duct cleaning projects:

We are more than happy to provide you with a free,
no-obligation air duct Inspection and same day service if needed.
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Yarelyz Andino
Yarelyz Andino
Thank you guys! I am happy that I chose you to do my duct cleaning. Such an amazing job!!! ♥️. N it wasn’t too expensive either!
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards
I’m so glad I got my Air duct cleaning with you guys . Jonny the tech explained everything before he started . I definitely recommend ultimate air duct cleaning and definitely dryer vent cleaning with you guys when I need too.
Moshe Rapoport
Moshe Rapoport
I never realized how much dust was collecting in our ducts!! It is incredible how well these guys completely cleaned out and removed years and years of dust build-up - in just two hours! These are the guys you want. They are professional and efficient! They brought in some serious high end equipment, they got busy and got the job done very well. Plus they left the house perfectly clean. See the before and after pictures. The house smells fresh and clean, and is 100% dust free! You can actually feel the difference!! I highly recommend these guys!
Jacquelyn Radovich
Jacquelyn Radovich
Very nice job!!!!
Deanna Bajanen
Deanna Bajanen
I was so happy to use this service. The owner was very professional and charming; he explained everything in detail. I can already tell the difference in the air quality in my home. Thank you Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning! :))
Joshua Leon
Joshua Leon
Very happy with quality of service. The technician was extremely professional and informative throughout the process. Recommending to all my friends and family!
Cheryl Fliess
Cheryl Fliess
Very pleasant. Did a good job. I'm glad I called to get it done.
Jerry Schampers
Jerry Schampers
very pleasant :did a great job
Ivette Islas-Torres
Ivette Islas-Torres
I recently had my air ducts serviced by Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI and was very impressed with their service. From start to finish, Johnny was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He arrived on time and explained the process clearly. They took the time to inspect my air ducts and explained the condition they were in. They were very thorough in their work and made sure to clean every nook and cranny of my ductwork. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning. Johnny was very professional, thorough, and made sure to leave my home cleaner than when they arrived. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of air duct cleaning services in Milwaukee, WI.

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