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Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning is premier chimney cleaning company that providing high quality and customer-oriented services in a timely manner. When you hire us at Ultimate air duct cleaning , you can rest assured knowing that we will get the job right the first time.

Ultimately, air ducts require periodic cleaning, much like other areas of your residence. This maintenance is vital for upholding a wholesome indoor environment.

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What is this service?

Lighting up your fireplaces with wood stoves or chimneys sounds excellent and warm during winter. But what should you do when a lot of smoke dust, fuel and coal emission have made their homes in your chimney? Wood-burning fireplaces are an excellent solution for the freezing snow falling outside, but do you know you need to clean the ducts frequently?

A Chimney cleaning is a professional and trained person to clean the ventilation system of the chimney with the introduced mechanism. Chimney cleaning also takes care of fire safety.

We provide service to prospective home sellers, buyers and owners through chimney cleaning and inspection. The chimney sweep service inspects the chimney and fireplace to make a report on the possible repairs, current conditions and the estimated repairing cost.

After all, your chimney needs to be cleaned from soot and ashes and repaired from time to time.

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What is the Process of Chimney Cleaning?

There are three levels of the process of a chimney cleaning. The process depends on the dirt condition, such as creosote and soot build-up, the usage of the fireplace and the last time it was cleaned.

Following are the three different levels of a chimney cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning – Level 1

It is the primary level of chimney cleaning that involves the conducting of a visual check before cleaning up the chimney.

  • Our chimney sweep guy will inspect the flue and chimney cavity from the inside with a flashlight.
  • If you have the gas fire appliance at your place, the guy will remove and disassemble it before the inspection.
  • Our chimney cleaning will look for the obstructions in the flue, such as soot, bird’s nest, and creosote deposits.
  • Level 1 contains the chimney inspection from the bottom instead of going to the rooftop.
  • The level 1 inspection is mainly conducted through cameras to inspect the inside of the chimney cavity.
  • The level 1 inspection decides whether your chimney needs to be swept. If the chimney needs cleaning, then our sweep guy will do it immediately.
  • It will take extensions, brushes, a vacuum cleaner, and poles to sweep your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning – Level 2

  • If you have recently installed a new appliance at your fireplace or made any structural amendments, conducting a level 2 chimney cleaning is vital.
  • The level 2 chimney cleaning is also vital if you are newly shifted in the house and have no idea about the fireplace’s history.
  • A minimum of two persons of our chimney cleaning will carry out this inspection.
  • The level 2 chimney cleaning is equal to the level 1 inspection, but it will inspect the chimney from the roof, crawlspace, and attic of the house. The level 2 inspection is done carefully and from all the possible corners of the chimney.
  • The level 2 chimneycleaning contains video scanning.

The level 2 chimney cleaning will conduct a variety of tests, such as:

  • Test of Full pressure.
  • Test of Smoke leakage.
  • Inspection of exterior parts.

The chimney sweep will be done then and there if it is necessary. A written report on the condition, repairs, cost and recommendations of your chimney will be handed to you by us.

Chimney Cleaning – Level 3

  • This level is the most critical level of the chimney cleaning, including wrecking your chimney.
  • This level of chimney cleaning is carried out only if there was a significant fire recently.
  • The level 3 chimney cleaning is way more expensive than the first two levels because it includes the demolition and removal of chimney sections for a better and closer inspection.
  • The demolition is done if the chimney is difficult to inspect.

Why Chimney Cleaning Service is Necessary?

You would not want your flue to be stored with flammable creosote deposits that could set your house on fire, right? If you hire our chimney cleaning service, it means that you are protecting yourself and your family from possible dangers. Embracing the chimney cleaning service proves essential as it curbs coal and fuel emissions from chimneys, averts fires, and clears obstructed ducts, ensuring safety and efficiency.
Our chimney sweepers clean flue, chimneys, smoke dust, and ashes.

• Chimney Cleaning Cut down the risk of Carbon Monoxide

This is understood that any properly working chimney carries a considerable amount of Carbon Monoxide gas along with other hazardous emissions of wood, fuel, and gases. Chimney cleaning is needed to avoid these materials to avoid falter.

• Chimney Sweep Saves Money

You can reduce the overall energy bill of your house by reducing the amount of soot from the chimney. Soot can affect the efficiency of heat transfer. Moreover, our chimney cleaning service can lead you to discover any possible air leaks in the house that you can repair and reduce your energy bill.

• Helps to Prevent Chimney Fires

The USA faces at least 20,000 chimney fires annually due to the chimney dirt and gases. A Chimney that does not get to be cleaned is filled with creosote, which is supposed to be the by-product of burning wood. Creosote deposits in your chimneys are incredibly harmful and prone to fire that could cause deaths or injuries.

How Often Needs To Be Done?

  • If you use your fireplace occasionally, like on freezing winter nights, you can hire our chimney cleaning services once a year. On the other hand, if you light up your chimneys frequently in most parts of the week, we must recommend you get the chimney inspection once every four months.
  • Besides everything, if you notice any unusual dirt, blocking smoke, or rotten smell in your chimney, make sure to appoint our Chimney cleaning service immediately.
  • Moreover, if you see an inky, cake icing-like thick substance dripping down your fireplace from the chimney, it is a creosote glaze. Do not jump on any second thoughts and call our chimney sweep service ASAP.
  • If your fireplace is open masonry, it is essential to clean it immediately if the soot level is up to 1/8″. Do it more quickly if you see the presence of glaze in your chimney. Although it will take you to clean your chimney more than once a year, it will also help your chimney function properly.
  • On the other hand, keep checking your chimney to see if it needs repairs, maintenance or cleaning to keep the hazardous emissions off.